Strategic Money-Making Upgrades for Your Home

In my last article, we discussed the various ways you can navigate selling a home and then buying another. In this edition, I’ll be discussing another common concern — The housing market is so hot. What should I do, if anything, to get my home ready for sale, and how do I pay for it if funds are limited?

Hot markets can cool off unexpectedly, and as we head into the Spring and Summer markets, there will be more competition. …

Today I am digging into one of my favorite topics: Buying a fixer upper. What qualifies as a fixer upper? Well, you’ll know one when it crosses your path by the fact that there is only ONE interior photo on the listing, or the interior photos feature a close up of the orange and yellow flowered couch in the corner with a backdrop of wood paneling, or the agent’s comments that read “contractor special,” “endless potential,” or my favorite: “bring your hammer!”

Sure… we all love a good and glossy, Instagram-ready listing photo. They are certainly very compelling! But…

Today was fun! I got out to see a home that I was personally interested in, and I took you along for the ride!

Five bedrooms, almost 2900sf, big yard, great floor plan…it definitely was inspiring. It all started because we’ve been considering doing a big interior renovation project on our little house. I absolutely love our house — especially since we recently did all the landscaping and built a courtyard. And I love the neighborhood.

But after getting bids and seeing what it would cost to do what we want, the question naturally comes up… ‘what if we…

After years of resisting, I’m finally starting a blog! I’m excited to begin sharing my knowledge beyond just my current clients. I’ve built up quite a bank of experience since getting my license in 2003, navigated dips in the market, survived the housing crisis of 2008, then survived the bidding wars that followed as the market recovered! Not only that, but I raised two little boys, balanced motherhood with entrepreneurism, got my broker’s license, developed several specialties in my field, and I’ll continue to stretch and reach more every year. My passion for learning and for this industry propels me…

Kirsten Reilly

REALTOR® / Broker Associate BRE# 01383856 — Serving Los Gatos, Cambrian Park, and the surrounding area.

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